On the High Uplands

Required reading for any future Harnas!


Cold Steel’s new poly Walking Axe!

Not had a chance to try one of these out yet but I will at the first chance I get. I have a few other of Cold Steels poly products and they are tough, maybe a bit heavy but really tough. This particular piece looks a bit lighter than their normal fare.



Axe Head Cane

NEOHEMAS session 12-15-13

Chris and I along with a new guy this week.

2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round boxing
1 round savate
The new guy seemed trustworthy and capable so we let him spar with us…he did fine, good control, which is always nice.
As usual when there is someone new, we end up talking and doing more demo work than actual working out. We went over and demoed most our empty had skills and then went over our weapon work. We went through the first three masters of Fiore’s spear just to let him see some of what we are currently working on.
His commute is a far one so we do not expect to see him every week but a few times a month until he can get something in his area started.
Business as usual next week, hopefully with a Thursday session if my luck holds out.


Info from ,y Polish friend Jakub…


‘Rąbać’ means ‘to chop’, ‘rąbanica’ could roughly be translated as ‘chopper’, ‘the tool used for chopping’. Used mostly for chopping steps in snow and ice but also for wood chopping, climbing and fighting. Sort of like and ice axe but with more uses it seems. Spike at he and of the handle most likely to aid in climbing but mighty useful for fighting as well.


Average dimensions:

80cm long 

4,5cm wide

the blade ~13cm long

Oops, a big hello and some Polish axeheads

Looks like I managed to post a non-oprishki type post here last time around. not sure how i managed that but I did:/


According to wordpress, the Oprishki blog has been blowing up with hit the last few days. Why is that? If you are one of the new viewers, drop me a note and let me know why you are here, just curious.

Lastly, I found the following illustration via google. I have no other info about it and have never heard of a rabanica…so any of my Polish readers could do me a huge favor and fill me in.


NEOHEMAS session 8-4-13

Chris, Gary , Jason and I today…

After restarting my kettlebell program this past week my legs hurt so bad that I could barely move…but that did not stop me from trying.

We have Gary heading to the Sambo Nationals on the 17th so we started the day with sambo. Nothing too hard, working more on tactics that actual technique this week. Set ups and combination throws were the order of the day. Way too close to the event to attempt to learn anything new to use technique wise. Should be a pretty big event but sadly i cannot attend to offer support since I am headed up to Canada for the World Shillelagh Championship to teach a pugilism class.

We ended the session boxing using headgear and boxing gloves…some pretty hard contact today but with the big gloves it felt like getting hit by pillows. I am not a fan of the big gloves but every once and a while I think it is good to go nice and hard using them. Switching up the training gear keeps us from getting used to one set and playing to them.

A couple of interesting axe pictures.

Here are a couple of interesting pictures that recently showed up on the Facebook group Carpatho-Rusyns Everywhere.

Both show axes with very long handles, in fact both look like wood axes put on a longer handle than normal. Both are from the USA in the 20th century as well. Don’t really know what to make of these photos but the axes are clear.

The first is from Pennsylvania 1939.













The second is from Buckner Illinois 1925.