Cold Steel’s new poly Walking Axe!

Not had a chance to try one of these out yet but I will at the first chance I get. I have a few other of Cold Steels poly products and they are tough, maybe a bit heavy but really tough. This particular piece looks a bit lighter than their normal fare.



Axe Head Cane


4 Responses

  1. Has a good looking hook to help you surmount stockades. I think I would miss the usable axe edge though. Cold steel has a nice idea in making both high-end and low-end edged weapons. They make a little something for everyone. I’ve always found their merchandise to be of good quality. Rob

  2. I just don’t know what the local police would say about me walking around with a ‘walking stick’ like that };

  3. It looks enough like a regular walking cane, I think it will go mostly unnoticed. I’m waiting for them to get more so I can order one!

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