A couple of interesting axe pictures.

Here are a couple of interesting pictures that recently showed up on the Facebook group Carpatho-Rusyns Everywhere.

Both show axes with very long handles, in fact both look like wood axes put on a longer handle than normal. Both are from the USA in the 20th century as well. Don’t really know what to make of these photos but the axes are clear.

The first is from Pennsylvania 1939.













The second is from Buckner Illinois 1925.



Mountain Axe at ISMAC XI 2011

Wow, I have really neglected this site for the last year or so haven’t I? Like anyone is reading:)

So here is an update…while I may have let the site slack a bit I have been keeping up with my axe work and was lucky enough to present a class on the subject at the most recent ISMAC event.

Turnout for the whole event was way down this year so it may come as no surprise that the axe class was not well attended. This did allow me to go over almost everything I knew to the small class who grabbed most of the concepts right up. We stuck with the single handed grip and more northern expression of the mountain axe and only touched on the Hungarian method lightly. The small class size also allowed us to do some controlled bouting with the axe trainers.


Mountain axe at ISMAC

On saturday afternoon I taught a 1 1/2 hour course on the Carpathian mountain axe. While taught a shorter course at a local SCA event last year, this marks the first complete class of this kind ever taught by me using this material.

IIRC we had 12 people in the class…for a while it looked like there would be 3 but people straggled in…better late than never really applied here. Few things worse than teaching to an empty room. As it was, the number of participants perfectly fit the room.

I went over the 3 basic stances with variations and talked about the reasons and origins of each. We also went over a large amount of figure eight motions with more of a focus on how to move with the weapon rather than fit techniques.

Of course we did do some set plays to illustrate the use against a like weapon. I would have really liked going over it’s use against saber and bayonet but with only and hour and a half I wanted to get as much of the basics of movement down as possible.

Everyone seemed to grasp the material quite well, which is not surprising in the least since for the most part everyone in attendence at ISMAC tends to do a lot of weapon work…still I need to polish the presentation and work out a few kinks in how things are explained. I will get a chance to teach it again this year at the Recreatioal Violence Weeked in July.

Russian peasant in 1812 British Caricature

From wiki

A redrawn version of a Russian caricature (on Napoleon’s 1812 campaign in Russia) by British artist George Cruikshank. A Russian peasant holds a bloody axe above Frenchman’s head, ready to strike. On the ground are the bodies of two French officers, whose skulls have been split by the Russian soldier’s axe. British caricature. Dorothy George translates the caption as: “There were hordes of you, weren’t there? Well, that’s the lot! That’s what you were up to, trying to hack your way through; in future you won’t give any trouble!”


Not really on topic but a very cool period illustration as long as your idea of cool is split open craniums:)

Four engaging ways to deal with an incoming attack

Just a short video clip as promised a few posts back.

1. Parry with the poll side of the axe.

2. Parry with the cheek or side of the axe or shaft.

3. Direct block with lead edge then turning to attack.

4. Direct stop with the head of the axe, best done on their hand or forearm.

Stara Basn


Stara Basn…When the Sun was God. Pretty nifty film. Definitely did not win any major awards nor should it have but still fun to watch for self styled warrior types who swing axes around:) 

Set in pre-christian times in the land that would become Poland…Stara Basn tells a familiar tale of greed and betrayal in an interesting setting. Long handed mountain axes make several appearances in the film. Not saying that we should look to this film for anything more than entertainment…just nice to see a ciupaga or three in a film.

Zbojnicki Dance