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Zbojnicki Dance





Zbójnicki- Na szkle Malowane

 A Polish dance troupe dancing the Zbojnicki…a bandit dance.

Vertical Figure Eights

Some vertical figure eights done with the mountain axe held in one hand. This comes directly from Rusyn dance but rather than jump over the axe head when it passes low I withdraw the leg back as one would do in saber fencing.

I really need to retake this clip using the shorter Rusyn style axe rather than the longer Hungarian style I am using. Notice how I am choked up a bit on the handle. With a shorter axe I would be right at the end.

A nice description of the Tanec Sokyra

On the High Uplands
Sagas, Songs, Tales and Legends of the Carpathians
by Stanislaw Vincenz

Dance description
pg 43
What did they dance? The depicted their ancestors history and past adventures. They swung their axes at one another, erect and squatting, as though repulsing an enemy; they threw their axes from one to another, as though challenging to a fight. Then after the battle, they united, embraced, and danced in harmony. Then they ran off together with raised axes, gazing into the distance, looking for the enemy, as though storming over the mountains, capturing towns, or fleeing from pursuit; or they trotted almost in the one spot, evenly, slowly, yet steadily moving round, always in a circle…….

[The following pic is from a Polish dance manual but is really illustrates some of the things mentioned in the above quote.]