Who are the Oprishki?

Welcome to the offical of The Oprishki! We are a small but enthusiastic bunch of folks who dearly want to help preserve this interesting and culturally important chapter in the history of the Carpathian Mountain Cultures.

Polish author Stanislaw Vincenze terms the Carpathians as ” …all the shepards and mountain dwellers in the endless chains of the Carpathians, whether they be Rumanians, Ruthenians, Poles, Hungarians, Seklers, Serbs, Germans or Saxons.” in his epic work “On the High Uplands
Sagas, Songs, Tales and Legends of the Carpathians” This is a good general guide for who we may consider to be true Carpathian folk……but honestly we are concerned for what is in your heart and head than what particular strain of blood you might have flowing through your viens.

Oprishki is a Rusyn term for brigands in the plural sense…..which in some ways we are but in a different sense….at least I hope.

So be brave, strong and true, raise your axes high and don’t forget to finish the last drop!