Hungarian whip


Often we see mention of the whip by the Hungarian swinherds. I have been able to dig up a few pic that might be of interest. The one above of a whip wielding Magyar and the one below…a nice vintage Hungarian whip.


The above pic is a link to the site . Some really great pictures, video clips, links etc…can be found there.

A nifty video about 10 minutes long using traditional Hungarian whips…technique traditional? No idea but the whips sure are.

Here is another video showing a traditional technique the Hungarian Pig Drover Crack:


Bleiknopf peitsche

Adventures and Anecdotes of the South Army of the Emperor of Austria, During the Late Hungarian Campaign: Narrated by Eye-witnesses
By John William Warre Tyndale
Published by R. Bentley, 1850

He was no less famous as a marksman than as a
rider, and his ” poor fellows” were equally well
trained ; but, besides fire-arms, they had their
Fokos and the Bleiknopf peitsche, or half- whip, half-
lasso, whose services we have elsewhere mentioned.

Besides these
arms, they carry a kind of whip, with an iron bullet
of about a pound weight attached to the end of the
string; and with this half- whip, half-lasso sort of
weapon, they can sorely puzzle their adversary.

(Still looking for a good image of this weapon that has the weighted end….this is a good pic but lacks the wicked iron piece.)